-Curtain Composition:al-alloy frame, rubber

 compound dealing with seams for watherproof

-Tile Size: 640 x 640 x 81 mm/tile
-Tile Weight: 12 Kg/tile
-Tile Area: 0.4096 m2/Tile
-Picel Pitch: 20 mm
-Luminosity: 5500 nits
-Color Temperature: 6500K
-Visual Angle: 110º / 50º (50º Brightness)
-Visual Range:160º/ 80º
-Pixel Configuration: 1R 1G 1B (DIP)
-Tile Resolution: 32 x 32 pixels/tile
-Pixel Resolution: 2500 pixel/m2
-Led Quantity: 7500 Leds/m2
-Color number: 16 millon

-Processing Depth 14 bits
-Contrast Ratio 2,000:1
-Life Span 100,000 hours-LED 50,000/70,000 hour-body
-Frame Rate: 60Hz
-Data Refresh Rate: 800Hz
-Display Mode: Syncrhronous with video source
-Led failure rate: 1/10000
-MTBF: 1000 hours
-Drive Mode: Static, constant current drive
-Power Supple: AC 220-250V, 50 Hz or

 AC90-120V, 60 Hz
-Working Voltage: DC 5V
P-power Consumption: 800w/m2 (max); 450w/m2 (average)
-Ingress Protection: fornt: IP65, back: IP65
-Ambient Temperature: -20 to +50 celsius degree
-Relative Humidity: 10% to 99%

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