It is an extreme processor quality. High luminance and contrast.

Can achieve resolutions of 1024*768 from 60Hz to 1600*1200.

Features and functions:
-Processor of high quality, high luminance and high contrast.
-Fast "freezing" of the image.
-CCS Technology (Color Crosstalk Suppresion)
-Digital Video Decoder
-Menu OSD: direct adjustment of the size and position  image through the front keypad
-Selecting the input source signal from the  Front panel
-Supports up to 2 cards transmitting (sending cards) to be installed inside
-Applications 24 * 7 high stability and reliability

Characteristics of input and output signals
-DVI input
-VGA input
-TV input
-AV input (2 entries)
-S-port input (2 entries)
-HD input (YPbPr)
-Component video input (YCbCr)
-5 audio inputs (VGA & DVI) (V1 & S1, V2 & S2)
-Stereo audio output
-VGA output