Fixed installations
The perfect solution for one-time installations of LED screens at shopping malls, casinos, airports, retail centers as well as digital signage and billboards, our fixed installation systems feature easy installation and maintenance, light weight, and ultra-slim profiles. We can also customize the size and shape of fixed installation panels according to your project requirements.

Lightweight panels
- Entertainment & rental
Designed for rental companies that provide temporary displays to rental media and entertainment services, Xiaron rental systems are light weight, easy to install and transport, and quick to set up and dismantle. Indoor panels are perfect even in quiet environments thanks to their fan designs.

LED Solutions  (Read More >>)
-   Bri-strip
-   Curtain 37,5 mm
-   Flex display
-   Mesh
-   Smd curtain
-   Strip curtain 18,75 mm
-   Xlite 7

Control, processing & software  (Read More >>)
-   Led Video processor

-   Led Video processor CL 11
-   Receiving card

-   Sending card

Multi LCD Display  
-   Outdoor
-   Movable 2x2
-   Narrow frame
-   Super narrow frame

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